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This following link is a "Annual Water Heater Checklist" for extending a water heater's life from A.O. Smith.

I recently had a customer tell me he paid over two thousand dollars to have a 40 gallon gas water heater installed in his garage. The parts for this installation probably cost no more than $700. This company probably made over $350 an hour to install this unit. And this is not unusual. But this was a huge investment that most people would not like to spend on a regular basis. Besides the fact that The Plumbing Guy would not charge near that labor cost, a water heater's life can be extended using regular preventative maintenance.

You can do this yourself, or The Plumbing Guy can do this for you.

Ask about our "Maintenance Plan".  

For one hours labor cost, We will perform the manufacturer's recommendation for extending the life of your water heater.


* Extended life for your water heater: which can save hundreds of dollars.

* Refunded cost on water heater replacements: Meaning any labor costs put into the maintenance service will be refunded into water heater replacement costs. Meaning, if you had three years of maintenance service performed, costing say, $255, this amount would be applied to the labor costs of water heater replacement.

* Parts at cost: Customers who take advantage of the maintenance plan will have water heater replacement parts at cost, i.e.. no mark up on parts. What I pay, you pay.

   Literally, if you get prices from companies for water heater replacement from other companies, this could save you hundreds of dollars.

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